Principle and Application of infrared thermometer

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First, what is the infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometer is a non-contact Thermometer, the instrument measuring the measured object by receiving the infrared light radiation to determine the temperature of the measured object. Than the contact temperature measurement, infrared temperature measurement with high precision, fast response, easy operation, safe and long service life. Ideal for moving objects with the place and thermocouple temperature measurement can not be measured in many places to replace thermocouple temperature to reduce power consumption even lower maintenance costs.

Non-contact infrared thermometer including portable, on-line and scanning the three series, and with a variety of options and computer software, there are various models of each series and specifications. Specifications of the various models in different thermometer, the correct choice for the user type infrared thermometer is important.

Second, the infrared thermometer works
Infrared thermometer by the optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier and signal processing, display output, and other components. It receives the target object through the launch, reflection and transmission of energy to measure the surface temperature. Optical system field of view of its goal of gathering infrared radiation energy, infrared energy focused on the photoelectric detector and into a corresponding electrical signal, the signal is then converted into a measured by the target temperature. In the models with a laser sight, laser sight only aiming to use.

Third, application and development of infrared thermometer

Infrared temperature measurement technology in the production process, product quality control and monitoring, equipment fault diagnosis and security online, and energy conservation has played an important role, infrared thermometer has been shown to detect and diagnose faults in electronic equipment effective tool. The past 20 years, non-contact infrared thermometer in the rapid development of technology, performance, continuous improvement, function continuously enhanced, increasing variety, scope also expanded its market share year by year. Infrared thermometer, you can diagnose a continuous electronic connection problems, testing uninterruptible power supply (UPS), functional status, test battery components and power distribution panel terminal block, switch gear and detection testing and other hot spots fuse connector contacts, prevent energy consumption ; as loose connectors and combinations will produce heat, infrared thermometer helps to identify the insulation fault circuit interrupter and other issues.

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